how i scrap more than 600000 twit without any limitation

So when i create one of the features of my bot I was stuck for 4 weeks because twitter API have some limitations and that was very annoying for my bot, like when the scrapper got blocked and after a while unblocked my bot will crash because the scrapper send tons of data and my bot can’t handle it

If we look at twitter doc the limit is 450/15-minute


Meanwhile, my bot should scrap more than 380+ twitter hashtags per/5-minute


after some googling I found out if I can use mulittor for scrap twitter, yeah it solve my problem for 3 months after that I got a new problem mulittor was very greedy with resources and that make my server down


Because of that, I created my own Go-MultiTor the logic flow is kinda same with mulittor but my multitor write in golang and no need for any other dependency, just need the tor binary.

Of course i don’t just rewrite it, i add more features like add or delete tor circuit, circuit health check, and containerization.
And the resource was not very heavy like before


Now i already have more than 600000 twit in my database and keep increasing every minute


the tools :

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